Every Purchase Funds Student Lunches


Renegade Rose was created in hopes to enable you to believe in yourself, fully and fearlessly. Whether it is standing up for something you believe in or standing up for someone else, trying something new or facing unexpected bumps on the path of your biggest dreams! You don’t want to look back at your life when your older thinking what if I did this different. You can’t live on what if. What you want is to become your best version possible and live fearless.

                 Our mission at Renegade Rose is to help kids in schools find ways to get meals when they are unable to and help them find better meal options. We give a portion of each sale to schools to cover the debt on student meals so their students can keep receiving the nutrition they need and deserve. It is a well-known fact that children don’t always get breakfast or dinner at home. For some, finding a very nutritional meal is a struggle whether at home or school because they simply cannot afford it. This can lead to bad eating habits, child obesity, depression, bullying, and even loss of focus in studies. At Renegade Rose, we want everyone to be able to get a meal, and be educated better on eating habits.