Every Purchase Funds Student Lunches

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Thank you for your interest in our mission to help kids find better meal options in their schools. It is no secret that across the country, lunch debt is a problem for students, their families and the schools. When a student doesn't have money for a lunch, they can't get the nutrition they need to succeed in and out of the classroom. For some families, school is the only available place a student can get the nutritional meal they need for the day. What's worse, is if that student has incurred a lunch debt. It can lead to things such as bullying, being excluded from extracurricular activities, and even lunch shaming by the school itself. This can cause depression, but our main concern is it creates bad eating habits that will create problems for several years down the line like obesity. 

Unfortunately we can't find these schools by ourselves and we need your help. If you know of any school or school district that you would like us to support, please email cs@renegaderoseathletics.com with the school name, an address and contact information so we can reach out to them.